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If your looking for a top quality DIY CNC Kits you have came to the right place. We have many CNC DIY

DIY CNC Kits to choose from. Starting price From $999 to $1999

The STEPCRAFT-1/210 is the smallest model in the STEPCRAFT DIY CNC KIT line, but don't let its size fool you…there is a ton of precision and performance in this little system. The 210 is modeled off of our version 1 machines and with a work surface area of 8.27″ x 8.27″ and a height of 1.57″, it is the perfect tool for circuit boards, jewelers, small crafts, and more. The 210 is smaller than a typical desktop inkjet printer so it will be right at home on your desk in your office. The best part is that it is priced at less than $1000 for a complete solution. As with all STEPCRAFT DIY CNC machines, you have the ability to quickly interchange attachments so you can go from cnc mill to cnc 3D printing, engraving to craft cutting and much more in seconds. STEPCRAFT is the MOST UNIVERSAL machine on the market with a very competitive price. STEPCRAFT machines feature true German design, innovation, precision and craftsmanship.
STEPCRAFT machines are available in both DIY CNC Kit and Ready-To-Run versions and they can utilize a variety of spindle options. (see choices below)
Become and Expert and let’s see WHAT WILL YOU CREATE?

Here is What The DIY CNC Kit Includes

  • STEPCRAFT-1/210 (Kit or Ready-to-Run)
  • 110V AC Power Supply (with USA plug)
  • UCCNC Machine Control Software
  • Parallel-to-USB Interface (UC100)
  • USB cable
  • Full Color EasyBuild Assembly Manual
  • Operating Instruction Manual
  • First Steps Manual for UCCNC

Get Full Support For Your DIY CNC Assembly Kit.

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