Sunday, October 25, 2015

CNC Router


How a CNC Router Operates.

The CNC wood router can do similar jobs as to which other CNC machine's can do.
The CNC machine or a CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) system uses a computer software programming language and a CNC controller electronic system to run and
 command the tools of a mechanical system.
Using a CNC, is typically used to get accuracy and precision with high detail for quick applications.

The typical CNC router moves and cuts in 3 directions which are referred to X, Y, and Z directions.
The X-axis is presumably the longest directional path of the three axis  running in a front to back direction.
The Y-axis direction runs from left to right path while the Z-axis runs a vertical direction up and down.

The CNC Router work together with the 3 directional axis' in perfect harmony which gives the CNC Router the capability into
carving and reshaping complex and high detailed shapes.

The CNC Router Spindle

The CNC Router spindle is the tool that does all the cutting. it functions similar to a wood router.

The CNC Router spindle works as it rotates the cutting tool router bit with high speed. A CNC Router can cut wood plastics and other soft
materials usually have a range of 8k -30k RPM's and 2k - 10k RPM's to cut softer metals.

The CNC Router Control Mechanics

The CNC computer system and controller is the master mind as they work together, First a design is created and added to the computer in a
CAM program then converted into a G-Code, the computer then commands the tools on what to cut where to cut and how deep to cut using the x y and z axis controlls.

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